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    Experienced and professional antenna installation in Currumbin Waters

    You've just sat down to watch your favourite programme and there is a crucial cliff-hanger coming up and – wham!

    Your TV set breaks into a confetti of colours or just freezes on you.

    You bang it and curse at it, and eventually throw the remote across the room in frustration, having missed the agonising moment on your programme. You contemplate getting the ladders out and braving the roof to fiddle with the antenna, but you shudder at the thought of heights.

    Instead you grab the phone and call Kendal Krebs antennas, a well-known firm in Currumbin Waters. Sensibly, you leave it to the experts, who promise to be with you as soon as they can.

    Here at Kendal Krebs Antennas we have been established since 1986 and we have worked hard to build a loyal customer base, who return to us time and again. With 60% of our total workload coming from community return customers, we pride ourselves on a job well done.

    Whether you are looking for antenna installations or repairs, we have the experience and skills to undertake your project. We have scaled more chimneys than Santa Claus and have seen more sunny beaches and surfs than all the holiday makers in Australia as we strive to sort out all our customers’ antenna issues.

    For the best service in antenna and television installations, trust us for quality completion.

    Call Kendal Krebs Antennas today on 0412 761 057 for more information on how we can help you! Don't forget to ask about our pensioner discount!

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